Once upon a time, there were three female CPO's in male dominated industries who felt they were all alone in some of their views, frustrations and passions. Their names were Jackie, Johanne and Coretta.


After many trials and tribulations and relying on their personal networks, the three ladies stumbled upon each other at many a Procurement event or a Women event. But, in 2017, all three were in the same event - Women in Procurement!.

After chairing the event, contributing to insightful panel discussions and presenting brilliant key notes speeches, the three spent a wonderful evening sharing their stories, listening to each other and revelling in the absolute support and uplifting feeling of being in their own circle of like-minded ladies in procurement. They discussed over after a few glasses of bubbles that it would be awesome to not wait for the next conference, but to get together much more often.

Once the bar closed, they put their fabulous heels up on the bar and decided to set-up LIPs, HEELS and BUBBLES - Ladies In Procurement, Helping Each and Every Lady Succeed over BUBBLES - and invite other ladies in procurement to network, share and learn.


LIPs Founders

Coretta Bessi - Hero-Shot-Sydney-St-Johns-Ambulance-7705-2 (2).jpg

Coretta Bessi
Chief Procurement Officer


Jackie Aggett
Chief Procurement Officer


Johanne Rossi
Chief Procurement Officer


Some of the inspirational ladies we've heard from so far….