Social Procurement

We were absolutely blessed to have approximately 100 women listening to a truly diverse panel of inspirational ladies who shared with us their career journey and the impact of the social organisations they champion.

Nicki Bowman, Director of Dress for Success Sydney and Founder and Chair of Dress for Success Wollongong expertly chaired the entire panel providing an insight into her career journey.

Sam Edmonds from Social Traders spoke passionately about the impact that social organisations have on the communities in which they operate in.

Laura Berry was as credible as always highlighting her passion and drive in Supply Nation to connect indigenous owned and operated organisations with commercial businesses.

Div Pillay from Mind Tribes and Culturally Diverse Women came out with one of the most eloquent quotes for the evening of “Diversity is a given - inclusivity is a choice”.

Anne Tesch shared her drive and focus of expanding women owned and operating businesses with Sh3 Connect.

It was a highly inspirational and informative evening with many attendees commenting on how powerful the event was and how genuine and authentic (and yes highly motivational!!!!) all the speakers were.

A huge thank you to Andrew Brightmore and the Compass Group for sponsoring us.

Women in Procurement Conference 2018

The 4th Annual Women in Procurement & Supply Chain conference is a unique forum that is dedicated to advancing the opportunities and career track for practitioners, leaders and executives across the procurement and supply chain in Procurement conference.  In May 2018 it was held in Sydney for the first time.

There was an incredible diversity in the inspirational women speaking, with topics addressing specific industry challenges facing procurement stakeholders, together with timely, candid and thought-provoking insights into the future opportunities (and pain points) of procurement.

With a following built over three years, this event attracted strong support from women, as well as the leading male champions for change and offered a platform for procurement stakeholders to share their experiences, insights, stories and best-practice innovations.

The agenda offered inspirational and innovative content, while enabling participants to come away energised, inspired, and motivated in their roles.

The keynotes were very powerful on the morning of the first day and set the standard for the entire conference.

Libby Lyons, Director, Workplace Gender Equality, spoke very passionately about embracing gender equality to achieve equal outcomes for men and women and discussed how to remove barriers to the full and equal participation o women in the workforce.  A comical point was her anecdote on “mansplaining”.

Janice Johnston, Managing Director – Delivery Executive, Accenture, had an amazing story of how Accenture is focusing on diversity and inclusiveness.  Janice is a procurement transformational leader and supports customers in evolving the procurement function for the future. 

Friendships and network contacts were made, career journeys were shared, best practices were discussed.  And of course, in true Women in Procurement style, the day finished with champagne roundtables, as only Women in Procurement can! 

A forum that establishes networks

It was approximately a year ago at the Melbourne Quest Event for Women in Procurement 2017 that I had a meal and a drink with Johanne Rossi for the first time, and caught up with Jackie Aggett, my first ever female role model who inspired me 18 years ago.

IMG_5563 warm focus.jpg

During the first day of the conference, I was chairperson, Johanne was keynote speaker after wining several CPO of the year awards, and Jackie presented a personal career story and was a insightful panel member. It was an invigorating day - all the presentations were on topic, the presenters brilliant and authentic, the panel sessions diverse in their views, the networking breaks full of genuine conversations and the champagne roundtables, well, lets just say that they became more and more energetic! 

It is amazing the engagement and empowerment that can come from so many successful and supportive women who simply want to learn, share and connect.

It was at this conference that Johanne, Jackie and I decided we needed to continue having broader networking events for women in procurement to network and support each other. Once a year was awesome, but we wanted more contact and connection through the year. The Ladies in Procurement (LIPs) network was founded, as a no-cost forum for women to create authentic connections. Our initial few events have been met with more interest and success than we could have thought possible.

LIPs is based on the adage that all three of us truly believe in - "behind every successful woman there is a tribe of women who have her back".

This is one of the reasons why I am so excited to be chairing the first day of the conference in May. Not only are Jackie and Johanne going to be presenting, but also many other ladies that have had a part to play with LIPs - both as speakers and as attendees, including our own millennial Chontelle Kelly. 

Looking at the list of presenters there are many women that I have found inspiring, credible and even a little intimidating given their careers - Visna Wrightman(Lampasi), Victoria Bergmann, Sarah Cook, Janice Johnstone and Karen Lay-Brew to list just a few. There is also workshops from two brilliant intelligent and passionate women who are experts in their fields - Sarah Collins and Kate Nicholl.

This is my fourth year being associated with this Quest conference and as the premier women in procurement conference across Australia, it has continually grown and become more fabulous every year. This year, it is recognised the blurring of the lines between Procurement and Supply Chain, so we are expanding it to become more inclusive across these functions which have the same requirements for skills to combat the same challenges.

Women in Procurement & Supply Chain 2018 is being held on 01 - 03 May 2018 at the PARKROYAL Darling Harbour. This is the first time in Sydney!!!

Hoping to see many friends, colleagues and new contacts there! #WiPSC2018

DNA of a CPO - Ladies

Hays research on the DNA of a CPO was recently released. with networking panel breakfasts held across the country.

Candidates frequently ask Hays about the path to success. How do I reach the top job? What do I need to do to transition from senior management to an executive role? What should my CV include? Which skills should I be working on today so that I am ready for the opportunities of tomorrow? What tertiary qualifications should I undertake?

The report helps answer these questions. In it, Hays share the insights and experience of our network of top, highly motivated and incredibly successful CPOs. The report details their paths to success including their pivotal career and learning moments and their advice for the next generation of professionals.

For inspirational women in Procurement leadership roles, it is suggested that everyone go beyond the infographics and read about these two fabulous role models talk about their career journey and what their advice is for aspiring CPO’s of the future.

What an awesome evening with a tribe of brilliant ladies!


It was awesome to meet up with so many intelligent, sassy and inspiring ladies at the Ladies in Procurement event.

Almost 100 ladies came together to learn, share and support each other in an open inclusive environment in the fabulous EY office overlooking the sunset moving into night lights across the harbour. There was chatter, laughter and the bubbly was flowing nicely.

For those of you who could not make it, we had a stunning line-up of inspirational speakers, starting with Jackie McArthur who has moved beyond Procurement and into the board room. She was incredibly real and open about her experiences and I think she touched many of us who have had some self doubt when we should have had courage.

We also were blessed to hear about the genuine raw experiences and insights from procurement ladies at every phase in a career, from Chontelle Kelly - a newly graduated young professional, Pauline Rolfe - an awarded and authentic young leader, Jodi Huebert - a change wizard 2IC and our very own Jackie Aggett - my first ever female role model and experienced CPO with now one of the most challenging procurement roles today. Thank you to all and congratulations on hosting the champagne roundtables.

The interest and overwhelming support of this event just goes to reaffirm that behind every Lady in Procurement we need a tribe of ladies supporting her. Looking forward to the next one Jackie Aggett and Johanne Rossi

A glimpse of what its all about!

It was an amazing evening by all accounts. The very first Ladies In Procurement network forum gathered together an amazing array of talented women from an even wider variety of companies, public and private sector organisations, ages and levels of seniority.

An idea born out of frustration, the LIPs event was designed to be intimate, candid, and as a way to give back for the organisation's founders.

Coretta Bessi, Johanne Rossi, Naomi Lloyd and Kelly Irwin are all established professionals in the industry. Guests were given complete access to the women and no questions were off limits.

Our generous partners, FutureYou is "tremendously proud to have hosted such a productive (and popular) event, and also proud to be associated with the organisation and its earnest intentions to raise the bar for all talented professionals in procurement in Australia".


Women in Procurement 2017

The third Women in Procurement conference held in Melbourne was the biggest so far!

With brilliant speakers on a whole range of topics, the forum was inclusive, supportive and authentic.

Johanne Rossi provided the opening keynote on how Caltex became a manager of choice and how to motivate and retain millennials before Michelle Redfern discussed how to create a remarkable team by identifying, developing, mentoring and retaining your best people.

And these were prior to one of our all favourite speakers of the conference - Pauline Rolfe.  Pauline spoke passionately about how to encourage young rising stars to build a great career in Procurement.  She literally challenged everyone in the room - if you do not promote yourself, why should anyone else?

The entire conference was engaging with a range of different keynote speeches, best practice sharing, panel discussions and workshops.  One of our favourites, however, was the champagne roundtables - where over a glass of bubbly we were able to discuss very relevant and current topics sharing and learning from each other.

Til next year!